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I forgot to title.

I really should start off by apologizing about dropping off the face of the earth. I really should be back into the swing of the semester and have made time for internet knitting and such. The fact of the matter is that I am begining my Post Graduation Crisis. I know, it seems to early for that because I still have a year before I officially graduate. The thing is that at SAIC to get a degree in education you basically spend your last 2 semesters out of the student side of the classroom and more on the teacher side. This means I have to face the horrors of getting a “Real Job” and build a Resume and Network and all those of other grown-up-py things that scare me and excite me at the same time. I’m also working hard to find somewhere to live, which is harder than it sounds because in order to find somewhere to live it would be helpful to know where I will be working, but alas, I don’t. So I have to find somewhere to live that allows easy public transportation to pretty much everywhere. Also, organizing my parents to actually get off their butts and look at places with me is like pulling teeth (I need them there because they have the $$$ and I do not). So anyways, all internet browsing has been directed towards condo shopping and most free time has been directed towards school work. Sorry to bore. Now on to what fiber-y goodness I’ve been working on.
This is my floor loom. I am taking a class on weaving this semester and it’s been tons of fun so far. It is completely different from knitting in just about every way imaginable. For one thing, can you imagine pulling this thing out on the train for just a few rows? For the first project we were supposed to just play around with different patterns for about 4 yards. I got the hang of it pretty quickly, but I have a hard time working on a fiber piece that isn’t a garment or useable in some way. In knitting we work primarily towards a goal of a sweater or a dishcloth or a sock. In weaving we make fabric for the sake of making fabric. More advanced weavers can make cloth that will serve a particular purpose but in the class the act of weaving is the art (art school is conceptual like that, it bothers me more in a fiber class than in other studios). Anyways, here are some excerpts from my sampler.


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