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No photos yet. My entire living room is buried in fiber goodness. My much-talked about Karabella Sales Kit is in! And at nearly 50 pounds, this is one mother of a kit! I have spent the last day and a half just barely getting this thing into order for appointments. Patterns alone merited 10 solid hours of re-filing. So Much Cashmere! So Much Glory!
If you are in Wisconsin or Illinois and are even remotely interested in fashion forward luxury knitting, book your appointment right away!


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Let’s Look Forward

Red Suitcase Brigade!

I hope everybody had a wonderful holiday full of friends, family, good food and good times!

Now that the Christmas holiday rush is behind us, let’s all look forward and re-group in preparation for a prosperous (fingers crossed) 2010!

I am planning to be in the Twin Cities area from January 6-9 (that’s Wed-Sat). I will have all sorts of wonderful show specials (like discounts, free shipping, etc) to offer for the month of January so book your appointments soon! I will be posting details on show specials on the “New and Noteworthy” tab at the top of the blog as I learn about them. Check back!

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Base Wrapping Layer

Grandma and I are so on top of our holiday shopping! We are not only done with the shopping itself, but I even have a base layer of wrapping paper on on the gifts. I am so good I’ve even wrapped presents that aren’t finished or in their boxes yet. I’m that good.

Small, modern bits and bobs

Yes, I realize that I am OCD and that nobody else appreciates the level of care that I put into wrapping my gifts. But I enjoy it, so there! I have wrapped all the men’s presents in a base layer of green and the ladies’ gifts in a base layer of silver. Now I get to spend the next week just futzing around with accent papers and ribbon and bows and tags. It’s bliss! Plus I get to arrange them artfully on the dining room table when I’m finished. Sigh…

I wish you all luck, strength, and joy in finishing up your gift preparations! Tell me all about it in the comments.

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Bunnies getting snuggly for the holidays

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Juniper, my first rabbit in her holiday outfit.

It’s been a retail-tastic week here at the Knest. Unfortunately, my financial situation prevents me from buying many gifts this year. I have a budget of $50 for my 6 immediate family members, my boyfriend’s 4 family members, my boyfriend, and then a few very special friends who have really been there for me during these rough times. I totaled it all out and at $3.57, there isn’t much out there that meets my exacting standards for a good gift. It’s a real bummer, because I love x-mas shopping.

Fortuitously, my grandmother has a great deal of gift-shopping anxiety. This year I get to do her x-mas shopping! It’s not quite the same as doing my own, but I am getting my fix. I also have been helping my mother out with her shopping, so I’m feeling pretty good about all this. I know it sounds materialistic, but a x-mas season without lists and trips to the shopping centers just falls a little flat for me. I’m still hand-crafting all my gifts with love and care, so don’t get your knickers in a knot. There is something about going out and just happening upon a great idea and being done with it that does feel a little magical.

At the moment, Grandma and I are iced into our house. We were going to go out to run errands (winterize her car, groceries, finish up her x-mas shopping) ┬ábut the garage door seems to have frozen shut. It is 1 measly degree out there, so being home isn’t so terrible. We’re hoping that the sun will hit the door and coax it into working. If not, it’s tea, x-mas knitting, and bunnies for the day.

These photos are from last holiday season. The rabbit, Juniper, my very first pet and forever angel, passed away shortly after I took these photos. Isn’t she beautiful?

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Nameless Mitts

I need your help. I’m working away towards my goal of putting together a collection of patterns, and also my goal of getting my holiday knitting done. I have knitted these mitts/fingerless gloves/hand cozies/whatever you like to call them. They were a special request from my darling lil sister. While the knitting is done and the pattern-writing is underway, I need help deciding what to call them. Please help me out by voting and leaving comments!

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I hope everyone has had a lovely holiday weekend. I know I did.

Sneak Peak

I used the holiday as an excuse to turn “office time” into “knitting time”. I think that is fair, as we are now into full gift-knitting-panic time. I also used the time to contemplate the growth of Knest, Inc. I have known since my early knitting days, that eventually I want to work as a designer (I know, who doesn’t!). In the knitting industry, much┬álike so many professions, nobody takes you too seriously until you have something published. It’s like a Masters’ Thesis. So, for 2010 my goal is to start working towards a book of knitting patterns. I have dozens of original designs knitted up, but very few in written/test knitted pattern form. I plan get at least a few up here on the website and on Ravelry in the next few months. More information to follow.

I don’t know how often my family or other giftees check the blog, so unfortunately, I can not post full photos of what I’m working on right now. After the holidays I will be posting patterns for all sorts of quick knits and gifts. It will be stash-busting-tastic!

Grandma's First Swatch!

With all the clicking that’s been coming from my needles this week, Grandma decided to try her hand with the pointy sticks. I brought out my teaching needles and balls of scrap yarn, and got her started. As an 80 year old, she picked up on the fundamentals just as quickly as my usual students (2nd graders). That is amazing! She’s toiled away for a few days and is getting much more comfortable with the process. I left town for a sales call yesterday and when I came back she said the magic words. “Hey, this is kind of fun!” Yep, she might just be a Knitter. I took a not so close look at her swatch and noticed it was more than a tad askew. I had cast on 15 sts for her to start off with. After perhaps, 10-20 rows, she now had 78 sts on the needles. Now, this is of course a perfectly normal beginner problem, and miraculously, there were no dropped stitches to be seen (Yay!). I pointed out to her that ideally, you should have the same number of stitches in every row for right now. “Oh really? I had no idea… this is not normal?” Grandma quipped at me, and began to pout a little. “No, Grandma, this is perfectly normal. You’re doing great,” I responded. And we sat to knit some more.

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