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I am so over the moon to make this announcement:

I have my first pattern for sale on Ravelry!

Honeycomb Shawlette

The pattern is the Honeycomb Shawlette. I cast this on during my student teaching when I just wanted a project to meditate over. It needed to be simple to memorize but require my rapt focus. It needed to be small and smash into my purse without complaint. It needed to be absolutely beautiful. After a year, almost 2 years, on the needles I finally finished it. I wear it everywhere. It is lofty, soft, squishy and exactly what I wanted. I get tons of compliments on it everywhere I go. I have to thank Barbara, a customer at one of the shops I rep at. She went absolutely ga-ga for it. Her enthusiasm and support really pushed me over the edge to write out and code up the pattern and make it available to the public. And here it is! The first of many Knest Designs!


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No photos yet. My entire living room is buried in fiber goodness. My much-talked about Karabella Sales Kit is in! And at nearly 50 pounds, this is one mother of a kit! I have spent the last day and a half just barely getting this thing into order for appointments. Patterns alone merited 10 solid hours of re-filing. So Much Cashmere! So Much Glory!
If you are in Wisconsin or Illinois and are even remotely interested in fashion forward luxury knitting, book your appointment right away!

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I‘m am thrilled beyond thrilled to announce a new addition to the Knest Inc family! I just got off the phone with the charming and talented Julie from J.Knits yarns. J. Knits is a fabulous hand-dyed yarn company with some truly KILLER COLORS! right off the bat, I can tell you that the color “Minneapolis” should be on every stores’ shelves! Check out their website, get to know the line, and get excited with me. I can’t wait to get my rep kit and bring this line to you all!

minneapolis colorway

minneapolis colorway

If you are particularly enthused about this new addition, please leave a comment or drop me an e-mail. That way I will jump you straight to the head of the line to be contacted.

Be the first in town (or in the state!) to carry J. Knits!


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IMG_0597IMG_0599It’s true! My own personal Jordana Paige bag is here!

I got the Rio in Eggplant and I am thrilled with it. This particular bag is already, in my experience, the most popular JP design. Every time I show this line and customers are in a shop, they immediately OOh and Aah over this one. Green Bay to Minneapolis to Chicago, it’s a hit, and that is no fluke.

This bag is a shoulder crusher, to be sure, but sometimes you gotta schlep a lot of stuff. This and all JP bags are made of ultra-lightweight vinyl, so the total weight of this bag is up to you. Personally, I can carry my 15 inch laptop, my current sweater project, all my promotional rep materials, all the notions I could ever want (crochet hooks, tape measures, extra DPNs, scissors, etc), my purse items like wallet, lipsticks, hand sanitizer, and notebooks in the main body compartment. I can fit my rather clunky digital camera, cell phone, headset, business cards and car keys in the generous side pockets. And here’s the kicker… I don’t have to dig for a SINGLE THING. And with all that weight, the straps don’t appear to strain at all!

The Rio is a winner for us gals who have a lot going on. It is durable, organized, and fashionable. Put this one on your X-mas list!

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This is Emmery from Jordana Paige.
This super-cute felted sweater is sure to jump to the top of your queue. With its fun ruffle edge and practical full collar, this garment has a perfect of whimsy. It is knit in mostly stockinette with minimal finishing so this project is well within the reach of the average knitter. This sample is shown in Blue Sky Alpacas Sportweight, but I bet it could be knit in SWTC Karaoke or Mountain Meadow Wool Cody!
Shopowners, this pattern is available now so if you are interested please contact me! Knitters, ask your LYS owners to contact me or just leave me a comment telling me what shops you think should carry this pattern.

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But, Seriously, Folks….
Photo Courtesy of Jordana Paige

I just received my rep kit from the one, the only, Jordana Paige! I was like a bag-a-holic with a box full of beautiful bags! Bad metaphor, but effective. I stayed up half the night just trying to decide which bag to steal and claim as my own. I still can’t decide. Decisions, Decisions…
I can’t wait to show these puppies off. Shopowners, these bags are the perfect item to have on hand for the inevitable husband who sticks his head in this coming season and says “Um, my wife is a knitter and I don’t know what to get her…maybe some yarn…she likes yarn…” and stares around, baffled by the stock on the shelves.

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Introducing Llama Luxury!
 South West Trading Company has introduced a new, very affordable and totally luscious luxury yarn. It is 100% baby llama fiber with a 22.5 micron count. It comes in 8 natural shades ranging from creamy white, through heathered camel and smokey grey to a deep rich charcoal. At MSRP $11 for a 100m skein, it is a bargain! It officially knits up at 5 sts/inch on a 7, but I got a hot insider tip that it is better off at 4 sts/inch on an 8. Either way, I can’t wait to swatch this baby up!

Shopowners, if you are looking for an affordable luxury yarn in natural shades, this is a winner! Please e-mail me if you are interested!

Always looking to strike while the iron is hot, SWTC is also introducing a SOLIDS COLLECTION in their perennial hit sock yarn, Tofutsies! There will be 10 solid colors introduced at the end of the month. Solid colors will show off your more complex or delicate stitch work in a way that variegated sock yarns can not.

To celebrate the new yarns, they are also rolling out the two new patterns you see here. Wouldn’t that brown sweater look great in my closet?
Llama Luxury and Solid Tofutsies ship at the end of October, so look for it on store shelves soon.

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