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Yep, You all know what that means…I’m a bridesmaid!

My best friend from High School is getting married this fall in Denver. Unfortunately, I can’t be there for all the fun planning stages (checking out venues, tasting sample menus, designing invitations, trying on bridal gowns, etc) so I’m largely in the dark. My major task right now is picking out my own dress. I’ve been told to wear “Any Blue Dress”. No length, fabric, texture, specific color restrictions. ¬†Now, I do very poorly with loose boundaries. If she mailed me a box of coffee filters, a bag of frozen blueberries and told me I was not allowed to use thread or an iron, I would be able to create something stunning. That’s what art school is great training for; doing incredible things within absurdly tight restrictions. I’d kick butt on Project Runway, except that I’m not such a great seamstress, ha ha!

Anyways, Here are a few of my blue dresses I tried on at David’s Bridal yesterday (some are not blue, but come in blue). I’m just trying to nail down what sort of thing she’s looking for. I’m not exactly clear on what to do with “very very casual, like … cocktail attire”.

My next wedding project is creating the bride’s garter and birdcage bandeau veil. Any tips or links for those would be much appreciated!

In the mean time, reminisce about your own bridesmaid dresses with this little ditty from Deirdre Flint!


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Well, I have a confession. I have been having a torrid affair. We met years and years ago and the attraction was strong. There was an immediate chemistry that could not be ignored. Oh, it was hot and heavy for a while. A mad passion that consumed everything in our path. But, like most blazing romances, we burned out quickly. I then met my one true love; The One. I knew I would spend the rest of my life learning and growing and nurturing my relationship with The One. I devoted my life to The One. We have been together for years, building a strong and sturdy love. But, despite the deep satisfaction I find in my relationship with The One, I have always carried a torch for that early dalliance. We had our little flings over the years; a brief liaison in college here and there during more stressful times. Nothing I thought too seriously about. I always came home to my One True Love. But, I gave in to temptation last week. I cheated on The One, and I liked it. I felt an itching deep within my bones for something else…some Embroidery. Sure, Knitting will always be my home, my soulmate, but embroidery is my hot little thing on the side. She’s cheap, she’s fast, and she looks to-die-for with lingerie. Don’t tell knitting, but I like to take lots of pictures.

We even did it on my knitting notebook cover!

A tea towel set for my kitchen

My latest endeavor

Right now I am toying around with my latest artistic¬†endeavor… embroidering drawings from my personal sketchbook. I have frequently found embroidery to be a very satisfying bridge between my first love,; drawing, and my current love; fiber arts. My senior BFA exhibition was a series of white canvases embroidered with the subjects of previous screenprints and drawings. My most frequent drawing subject is interiors so now I am working on embroidering those images. I think I will use a 5 increment grey scale palette. The final products will be framed in wooden embroidery hoops, probably about 5 inches in diameter. Perhaps I will put them up for sale on Etsy? I am curious to hear what you think of this new foray into the needle arts.

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If you do not want to hear about my insides, kindly disregard this post.

The surgery was a success! That being said, I feel like I survived the most punishing ab-bootcamp ever invented by the U.S. armed forces and have nothing to show for it but 4 small stab wounds. They removed my gallbladder laprascopically, through a 2 inch incision in my belly button and made 3 more small incisions around my abs for sport. You can watch a video filmed by my doctor if you dare. Turns out, not only was the duct blocked by a very large gallstone, but I had several more small stones in there too. It was all so infected that it had adhered in a whole bunch of places not only to my liver, but also to my stomach. This stinking gallbladder had actually pulled my stomach out of place! I will not even describe to you what they found inside the thing, but my doctor was pretty shocked. Apparently I really should have been so jaundiced that I glowed in the dark for the last year or two. I guess I am so pale that nobody would have noticed!

I spent one very, very long sleepless night in the hospital. I gave the hospital staff quite a scare when I had a bad reaction to the anesthesia several hours after I woke up. Turns out that because I am such a good girl (I don’t smoke, drink, eat a lot of processed food, take medications etc) my body could not process all the chemicals from the surgery. I suddenly couldn’t breath, started convulsing, and lost feeling in my arms and legs. They took an emergency EKG that showed a heart arrhythmia. That was petrifying, but it passed. My nurse, who has been in the field for nearly 15 years, said that I was the only time she ever saw anyone have that reaction.

After a day, my mom took me back to her house I spent two days being a lump on her couch. Each day I have been getting a little stronger. Last night I was well enough to come back to Grandma’s house and sleep in my own bed and see my bunny-babies. Now I am sitting around, hoping people will visit me. I not supposed to leave the house or get out of bed much until my follow up appointment on Wed.
When all is said and done, I do have the gallstone in a little jar. I think I should make a necklace…

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