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We are all deeply saddened by the devastation in Haiti. I am sure many of you will be happy to hear that Jordana Paige is doing her part to send support to the struggling nation. Next week she is offering discontinued and/or damaged stock from the warehouse. All bags will be $50. 100% of these sales ¬†will be going to Doctors Without Borders Haitian Relief. All the bags are in useable condition (no missing handles or gaping holes). Most have minor cosmetic issues like upside-down labels or fabric scratches. The beloved Rio in Red will be available! I know lots of you have been begging to get that one back. This is a rare opportunity to not only get your hands on a spectacular handbag, but also to send support to people in dire need. Please check out Jordana’s Blog for more information.


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IMG_0597IMG_0599It’s true! My own personal Jordana Paige bag is here!

I got the Rio in Eggplant and I am thrilled with it. This particular bag is already, in my experience, the most popular JP design. Every time I show this line and customers are in a shop, they immediately OOh and Aah over this one. Green Bay to Minneapolis to Chicago, it’s a hit, and that is no fluke.

This bag is a shoulder crusher, to be sure, but sometimes you gotta schlep a lot of stuff. This and all JP bags are made of ultra-lightweight vinyl, so the total weight of this bag is up to you. Personally, I can carry my 15 inch laptop, my current sweater project, all my promotional rep materials, all the notions I could ever want (crochet hooks, tape measures, extra DPNs, scissors, etc), my purse items like wallet, lipsticks, hand sanitizer, and notebooks in the main body compartment. I can fit my rather clunky digital camera, cell phone, headset, business cards and car keys in the generous side pockets. And here’s the kicker… I don’t have to dig for a SINGLE THING. And with all that weight, the straps don’t appear to strain at all!

The Rio is a winner for us gals who have a lot going on. It is durable, organized, and fashionable. Put this one on your X-mas list!

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But, Seriously, Folks….
Photo Courtesy of Jordana Paige

I just received my rep kit from the one, the only, Jordana Paige! I was like a bag-a-holic with a box full of beautiful bags! Bad metaphor, but effective. I stayed up half the night just trying to decide which bag to steal and claim as my own. I still can’t decide. Decisions, Decisions…
I can’t wait to show these puppies off. Shopowners, these bags are the perfect item to have on hand for the inevitable husband who sticks his head in this coming season and says “Um, my wife is a knitter and I don’t know what to get her…maybe some yarn…she likes yarn…” and stares around, baffled by the stock on the shelves.

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